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Emergency first response Instructor


Includes ALL required materials PADI Application Processing Fee not included 

The course takes 2 days, approximately 16 hours


The Emergency First Response Instructor Course assures that you understand the course structure, requirements and procedures for three(3) courses, EFR Primary/Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED. In keeping with successful teaching philosophy, the course prepares you to teach low stress, student-centered and performance-based programs. Other goals are to fine-tune your demonstrations in CPR and First Aid to a role model level and to encourage you to use your skills to train others in the community.

EFRI Training Information Download


To complete the course

  • Answer the four Self-Study Instructor Knowledge Reviews found in the appendix of the Instructor guides prior to coming to class.

  • Review the student Knowledge Reviews in the student manuals prior to class and watch the DVDs for each. 

  • Attend all 9 required EFR Instructor Presentations.

  • Teach 2 skills from the EFR primary/secondary care program and 1 from Care for Children.

  • Demonstrate your ability to use positive coaching techniques.

  • Demonstrate role model techniques for all EFR primary and secondary skills as well as child/infant CPR and choking.

  • Demonstrate role model techniques for Care for Children skills.

  • Successfully complete the EFR Instructor written exam (75% or higher).

Instructor candidates are required to have a personal set of teaching materials for the instructor course and to teach EFR courses. **


  • Have completed a sanctioned course in adult CPR within the past 24 months.

  • Have completed a sanctioned course in basic first aid within the past 24 months

  • Be at least 18 years of age

**The Instructor start-up pack  #60215( hard copy) contains all required material, as well as an EFR marketing kit, decal, and Red, carry bag.  (also available digital  #61305 – Be sure to order the one you prefer! They are different product #s!) See EFRI Training Information Download for additional information below

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