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South Padre drive & dive

August 27, 28, 29


Join DWA PADI Staff Instructor, Brittany, for 3 days of Gulf Coast Diving with American Diving charters. Pick and choose your dives and discover diving on the Texas Gulf Coast - contact the store to reserve your spot! Open to certified divers only. 

Day 1: RGV Reef Dives - 90-foot shrimp boat, part of the RGV reef

Day 2: Texas Clipper - The premier dive in the state of Texas (must have Advanced Open Water cert)

Day 3: Rig Dive - Diving the oil rigs in the Gulf of MexicoTexas Clipper - The premier dive in the state of Texas (must have Advanced Open Water cert)

Ready to dive Nitrox? Get Nitrox certified before your trip! Call us and we can set up a class for you! 

About the dives:

RGV Reef and rig dives are suitable for Open Water certification and higher. Texas Clipper requires Advanced Open Water certification. Dive sites are generally located 15 miles from shore. The Gulf of Mexico is composed of a mud and sand bottom so there are no coral reefs near the shoreline. This trip explores the underwater structures that provide interesting places to dive and attract marine life.

Note: Advanced level training is recommended for all dives (required for Texas Clipper). Diving in the Gulf of Mexico can present unique environmental conditions for divers such as changing currents, sea conditions, and variability in visibility.


Each day is a two-tank dive day. The prices below are per day. You can do one, two, or three days. 

RGV Reef (Shrimp Boat)     $179.00

Texas Clipper                      $189.00

Rig Dive                              $179.00

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