Service and repairs

Service and Repairs

Don’t miss out on a dive! Make sure your equipment is serviced annually. Cylinders need hydrostatic testing every five years and visual inspection every year.

Some services may take longer than others, so inquire as to how long your equipment will need for its service. The best way to find out more about our service options is to bring your equipment into the store! Let us examine your equipment to give you an idea of what needs to be done. 


  • $20 Visual Inspection (VIP) 

  • $50 Hydrostatic tests (hyrdro) 

  • $90 Regulator Service (parts not included) for a 3 stage

  • $75 Regulator Service (parts not included) for a 2 stage

  • $50 Regulator Service (parts not included) for a single stage

  • $62 O2 Cleaning of Cylinders (this includes O2 cleaning tumbles, but not RUST cleaning tumbles) 

  • $30 O2 Clean Valve Service

  • $40 For Rust cleaning Tumbles (price is for 6 hours of tumble, if tank must be tumbled additional time, there will be additional tumble charges) 

  • $10 Battery Change Labor


Some additional parts may be necessary depending on the condition of your equipment. We make every effort to ensure safe repairs and will discuss any needed parts with you before replacing them.

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