Distinctive specialty courses

Scuba Diver
Dive Against Debris

Dive World Austin Conducts this fun and satisfying specialty as a two-tank boat charter dives (value $55) and provides each student with a reusable clean-up kit (value $20). 

Do you want to make a difference on every dive but are not sure where to begin? Gain the knowledge and skills to activate your inner citizen scientist by taking the Dive Against Debris® Specialty. You’ll learn to complete Dive Against Debris surveys under the guidance of a PADI® Professional and help keep your local dive sites healthier by removing trash.

what are they?

PADI Instructors who have special scuba diving interests and expertise can write their own specialty diver courses. Some of them are available in many locations, and some are 100% unique to Dive World Austin Dive Professionals!


We are so proud of them all that we encourage all of you to earn each of these specialties! 

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