Costa Rica

Research Expedition 2020

Sharkwater Liveaboard
10 Days 
June 27th - July 6th
July 9th - 18th

Join Fins Attached on a Coastal Costa Rica Expedition in 2020. The research includes coastal sharks, turtles, and turtle nesting beaches, hammerhead shark nursery areas, and manta rays.

  • Small groups, no more than 12 participants

  • Experience with hands-on participation

  • A unique and rewarding experience

10-days, 8-days of diving and research led by Randall Arauz aboard Sharkwater liveaboard

Tentative Itinerary

  • Day 1. We leave the marina in Quepos and start our trip far north, in El Jobo. Arrive at night.

  • Day 2. Two-morning dives. Catch turtles with nets and rays in the afternoon. The evening moves south to Cuajiniquil. Assist research project Ph.D. Maike Heidemeyer

  • Day 3. Two morning dives out of Cuajiniquil. One at 30 m at a site where Black coral is found. Another dive at 25 m site, next to Bahía Matapalito. Lunch in Bahía Matapalito. Set turtle nets in the afternoon. Spend the night in Bahía Matapalito. Catch sharks at night in rookeries.

  • Day 4. Move south at 4:00 am to the Point of Punta Santa Elena. An underwater arch at 30 m. 2nd dive in the rocky reef, “the cave”. Afternoon to go Isla San José, Guanacaste National Park. Walk around the island, hike. Possible afternoon dive in Bajo San José. Catch turtles with nets during the day. Catch sharks at night in rookeries.

  • Day 5. Two-morning dives. San Pedrillo. Bull shark cleaning station. Afternoon visits Playa Naranjo. Walk around. A possible hike in mangrove swamps, crazy wildlife. Santa Rosa National Park.

  • Day 6. Travel south to Catalina Islands., stop in Bajo Negro in Santa Rosa on the way. Manta rays. Two dives in Bajo Negro. Move south to Cabo Blanco.

  • Day 7. Two-morning dives in Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. Catch turtles. Service acoustic stations.

  • Day 8. Move south to Quepos, a good seamount 20 miles offshore, 25 m deep. GREAT diving. Do at least two dives there, and move south to Caño Island.

  • Day 9. Three dives in Caño Island Biological Refuge, Bajo El Diablo

  • Day 10. Return to the marina and San José.

Package Price:​

  • $3400 per person

Package Includes:

  • All meals and drinks onboard Sharkwater

  • 8-days of diving and research

  • Nitrox

  • Tanks and weights

Package does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel in San Jose on the night before the first day, i.e. June 26 for the first expedition.

  • Transfers and park fees ($250 total)

  • Crew tips

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